• Elements

    Dimensions: 6"x3"x2" (approx.)


    Bag Weight: 2 oz. (approx.) 


    Color: Multiple Options


    This bag is perfectly sized to carry repair essentials for a normal ride: tube, multi-tool, CO2, & car keys, etc. Works on every bike!




    • Perfectly sized to carry repair essentials
    • Easily fits any regular size bike tube and even some fatbike tubes
    • Works with any bike (various mounting options)
    • Rattle free
    • Won't slip/slide around
    • Can stay on your bike or be easily moved from one bike to another
    • Ditch the hydration pack on most rides
    • Instructions for Use:

      1. Secure Elements in desired location on your bike and trim excess strap length if necessary.  Consider all possible mounting locations for every bike that Elements will be installed on before cutting.  (Straps are extra long to ensure compatibility with larger down tubes & unique carbon designs etc.)
      2. - Optional - Install paint protection tape underneath bag and straps.
      3. Go RIDE!  Enjoy every minute without the heavy, uncomfortable hydration pack, now that Elements got your back!
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